.22 Prone Target Shooting



‘Prone rifle is the backbone of rifle shooting in this country. Using a small-bore target rifle, with precision aperture sights, the shooter fires from the prone - or laying - position at a target 25 yards away. Although 25 yards might not seem far, the target is quite small and so the slightest error can result in a miss or a dropped point. Our trained Instructors will help you shoot safely and accurately.

  • Rifle with sights, sling and hook. (The hook clips the sling to the rifle.)
  • Shooting jacket.
  • Shooting glove to protect the left hand.
  • Shooting mat for comfort and to help with positioning.
  • Ear protection.
  • Spotting scope to see your scores.



.22 Light Sporting Rifle



‘Lightweight sporting rifle, or "LSR" replaced pistol shooting after 1997. Using a sporting rifle (usually a magazine-fed repeater), the shooter fires at the target from a standing position. Whilst it looks easy, it can be extremely challenging, as it is difficult to hold the rifle steady and centred on the target. There are classes for rifles with 'iron' sights or with optical (telescopic) sights.

  • Rifle with sights.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Spotting scope to see your scores.



Club Equipment


The club has a selection of equipment that you are welcome to use in order to help you start shooting.


Buying Your Own Equipment


Like all sports you need the right kit and obviously the cost can range from quite reasonable to very expensive.

Equipment can be bought from several suppliers, (note a Firearms Licence is required to purchase rifles and anmmunition).

Remember: there is always a good supply of second-hand rifles and other quipment around - you don't have to spend a lot of money, nor buy it all at once. You can't buy your way to a top score - it's the shooter, not the equipment that counts.


Where can I get more detailed information about obtaining a Fire Arms Certificate (FAC)

For the most accurate & up-to-date advice click on this link:


Applying for a Firearms Certificate